State Unemployment Insurance Laws

Below are digitized provisions of state UI laws including the maximum duration, maximum weekly benefit amounts, and existence of waiting periods reported every January and July from 1970 to 2018. The original documents were accessed here from the Department of Labor. These were compiled with the excellent help of Faruq Razzaq.

Raw Excel data
Stata file and do file for importing from Excel and cleaning (some judgment calls are involved)

WARN Notices

Peter Jones and I collected WARN notices for ten states, some of which were only attainable via FOIA. The files are here.

There's a lot of confusion around this law among employers. Many report when they're not required to and many more fail to report in cases clearly covered by the statute. See this GAO report for more.

SIPP data

This Stata script downloads, extracts, and creates .dta files from all original SIPP Core files posted here by the NBER.